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  首先来看一下教育类:有人认为不同能力的孩子一起学习对于每个人都有利,有人认为高智商的孩子应该分班教授,讨论两种观点? Some people think that teaching children different abilities together benefits everyone,others think intelligent children should be taught separately and given special treatment. Discuss both sides and give your opinion?

  关于这个教育类的话题相关的题目设置可以是:有人认为不同能力的孩子们应该分班教育,是否认同?Some people believe that students with different levels of academic abilities should be taught separately. Do you agree or disagree?

  再来看一下下面这一个:有人认为计算机和互联网对于孩子的教育比去学校有效,有认为老师和学校对于孩子的高效学习更加重要,讨论两种观点?Some people think that computers and the Internet are more important for a child's education than going to school. But others believe that schools and teachers are essential for children to learn effectively. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.


  思路拓展1反对分班制:① 分班教育是教育资源的不合理分配,任何孩子,无论其天赋和基础如何,都有权利接受平等质量的优秀教育;② 分班教育对于对于孩子的心理会产生不良的影响,因为这会使得普通孩子自卑,失去学习的兴趣和耐心,同时,优秀学生面对激烈的竞争,压力增加,容易变得自私或者偏激;③ 合班教育更能使所有学生健康成长,实现不同学生之间的互补,普通孩子不自卑,优秀的孩子压力小。

  思路拓展2支持分班制:① 分班教育是一种量体裁衣的教育方式,所有的孩子们都可以找到适合自己的教育模式;② 分班教育有助于高智商孩子的学业,使他们变得更加优秀。

  接下来我们一起来看一下范文赏析,看范文的重点在于看整段而不是看个别的单词或者句子,学习别人个性的观点是雅思写作范文的重点:、此范文的首段首先介绍背景,接着列举了一些争议,然后推出自己的个人立场,接下来重点阐述反方观点,然后侧重于写正方观点,最后写明自己的观点然后总结收尾:To seek ideal mode of education is one of the key words of our time. A man without proper education, many of us believe, is an unfortunate victim of adversity. Currently,separation in teaching is very popular in some countries, yet, conflicting ideas clash in deciding which is more preferable,to conduct separation in teaching or to inspire different students acquire knowledge together. Personally speaking, to motivate slow learners and smart students study together is a superior way.

  Indeed, those who advocate the idea of separation in teaching are,to some extent,never without their reasons. First, compared with slow learners with average abilities, smart children have a higher tendency to excel in their academic study and intelligence tests. Hence, separating the top students from the not-so-excellent is an effective way to enable different students to receive custom-made education. Furthermore, as for excellent students, this practice make them become the attention-getters of others,therefore, this will promote their confidence and thus their study motivation will be highly stimulated.

  What I want to rebut, however, is that students with different abilities should be encouraged to have class together. First of all, separation in study might hurt the mentality of every party involved, on the part of those slow learners, they might belittle themselves and lose interest in study, likewise, those excellent students might be over-burdened with the excessive schoolwork and fierce competition. Also, separation in teaching is an unfair allocation of educational resources because it deprives common students’ right of receiving fine education of uniform quality. Lastly, to spur students with different abilities to study together could help different students complement each other. Elite students won’t suffer from excessive academic pressure and average learners can never generate the sense of inferiority.

  To sum up, I re-affirm my conviction that students with different abilities should be motivated to study together regardless of their levels of knowledge and intelligence. It could balance different students’ developments in both mentality and intelligence.

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